With a powerful voice with diverse tones and a talent for creating melodies with heart and message, Caribbean-born, New York City-based rapper, singer/songwriter, and producer Jackson Reese creates music that is inspired by day-to-day life. Blending character-driven storytelling with elegant rap melodies complemented by subtle R&B influences, he weaves the legendary influences of musical luminaries with his unique twists to come up with a sound and strength of his own.

His new project, “Days of Summer,” is simply excellent musicianship combined with entertaining performances. Taking inspiration from most people’s favorite months of the year, the summer season, Jackson takes us on a musical trip down the alleys of vacation, flings, enjoyment, heartbreak, and everything that these lovely and lively months afford.

Starting cinematically, “Days of Summer (Intro)” features that thematic voice-over by the lady with the accent as she divulges into the realities of summer from different viewpoints with a definitive statement that indeed, these summer days are like no others!

With the groundwork perfectly laid, Jackson takes the driver’s seat and rides with us into what is an unforgettable musical journey that is filled with ebullient and poignant tunes, outstanding lyrical panache, and what really qualifies as the soundtracks to our lives…especially in the summer.

“Summer Nights II” features a strikingly hit piano foundation that sets the mellow tone for the track and exudes such chilling vibes right before the dripping beat comes kicking in, escorted by such poetic finesse by Jackson as he asserts his lyrical prowess. The beat here is nostalgic, just as the message behind the lyrics has the emcee reminiscing about his summer days growing up: the crushes, being stood up, meeting new flings, and the fun and enjoyment with basically nothing to worry about but having the time of your life. His flows are as smooth as butter, and his expressive voice is ideal for the genre.

“I’m Good” is catchy as hell and upbeat, and it’s one that makes you want to get up and dance joyfully on your feet. Exuding that ‘feel-good’ vibe, this tune feels like the perfect summer anthem and is such a positive affirmation of living life unapologetically, enjoying the best things life affords, and living large when the opportunity presents itself—all vital ingredients that the summer affords. At its heart is that catchy hook that adds to the track’s anthemic weight.

“Down For Me” has a contemporary R&B feel about it and is an inquisitive ballad that sees Jackson’s introspective lyrics capture the track’s mood about confessing those intense feelings to someone that you feel is right for you at that particular moment, and you don’t want to waste time because you might actually never get another opportunity like this. Jackson showcases his R&B vocal prowess, slinking through with such clarity and command and evoking emotions while at it.

“Int’l Reese II” features a beat reminiscent of the 90s, and the result of that is an insane beat like this that makes you want to bust some moves to it. Jackson packs such a powerful punch with his lyrical dexterity, proficiently singing and rapping with such gracious ease—the track exudes that relaxed mood as you enjoy some time off, overlooking the beach, eating some gelato, or dancing with carefree abandon at a summer party somewhere.

“Int’l Reese II” is simply a beat from the 90s delivered with a modern-day twist as Jackson blends some masterful rhymes and thought-provoking bars, personifying rap with his smart flows about summer getaways, those international trips to foreign lands, and the beauty of adventure that summertime brings along.

There is no heartbreak like summer heartbreak, and “Heartbreak Summer” affirms that inevitable heartache that comes crashing down once the sun starts setting and the autumn leaves start falling. The fast-paced beat feels like a blend of dance-pop with some super funky components; this, backed by Jackson’s slinking vocals, makes you forget that summer heartbreak as you dance with carefree abandon!

“Days of Summer” is truly a rare and authentic album…a bottomless barrel of musical ear candy that you deserve to experience.