Based out of Indonesia, Isa Raja is an experienced singer-songwriter with a career spanning over a decade that has seen him build one of the most impressive discographies in spectra rock and collaborate with critically acclaimed musicians. He comes through with a multi-colored rock style with roots in indie rock as he takes cues from real-life experiences to deliver relatable masterpieces that have seen him earn hundreds of thousands in stream numbers from popular digital platforms.

The inspiration for his single “I Gotta Stop” actually stems from Isa’s personal experiences of reliving past interactions with his ex as he channels those emotions he felt then into this deeply lyrical body of work that allows its listener to develop their own story within the lyrics.

Set to textural and meticulously arranged indie rock instrumentation from that impressive concoction of guitar riffs and powerful drums, Raja breathes life into the lyrical narrative of this genuine tune with his effortlessly powerful vocals that ebb and flow with such vividness, clarity, and command.

It is not just the punctilious arrangement and instrumental weaving that make this a special track; it is also the fact that you can feel Raja’s love and passion for the craft peppered throughout that really earns this song immediate authenticity.

Drawing from his own experiences, he is able to imbue this tune with deep emotions and relatability, and that is why “I Gotta Stop” is a huge testament to the power of music in capturing the essence of human experiences and the emotions that come with them.

Raja’s raw and impassioned vocals give vibrant life to the music’s anthemic lyrics, highlighted by the catchy repeated phrases of “I think I gotta stop”

This track is not lacking in technical dexterity and performance value, and that is why I have no doubt that listeners of all types of rock music will find it an undeniable staple.

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