Ioish is a New Delhi-based band that was founded by Vaibhav Bhutani back in 2012. Merely a home studio project, the project expanded with the addition of two other members, with the trio going on to astonish the ambient and post-rock world in critically acclaimed and deserved ways. Vaibhav has now moved on as a solo artist and has been collaborating with some of the best musicians from all over the world.

“What You Need It For” is the second single for ioish this year, and it is an epic-sounding orchestral piece that is luxuriously stylish and delivered with admirable panache and theatrics. It starts with a very laid-back and inviting melody that has been given that cinematic touch. Soon enough, the jazz-infused spectrum is unleashed following an immaculately arranged dash of drums that jump through with rhythmic gusto provided by the imposing synth lines over the drums.

As the track builds, the band unleashes a timeless medley of spectacular rock percussion to get a listener’s goosebumps rising with every incursion from the ambient embellished instrumentation. “What You Need It For” is an immersive jazz-rock that will transport you as a listener towards worlds within the unfathomable depths of musical comprehension and contemplation.

Very orderly, there is just a way ioish allows a listener to get involved every step of the way, with stunning inventions added as the track continuously builds to keep a listener guessing and heavily invested. In this track, ioish featured the phenomenally gifted Meredith Moore, and I agree that the both of them have undeniable chemistry and should definitely work together again!

With such immaculate production coupled with melodic abundance, what more could you possibly ask for?

Follow the attached link so as to find out what the fuss is all about. Don’t forget to add this track as a favorite under your music library!

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