Florida has a new gem that is the songstress INDIGO – a versatile young singer and performer who comes armed with all the repertoire of musical success as she unleashes her dynamic side and her ability to break with ease into the fast-evolving music scene with her style and authenticity. She has a unique way she is able to endear herself to a listener with her powerful and mellifluous vocals that echo the opulence of nostalgic R&B – her innate charisma and performance equally succeed on the Caribbean and pop-influenced beats, and that is why she is on an upward trajectory to achieving superstardom like she was primed to.

And this summer, the airwaves indisputably belong to INDIGO and her single, “Rock The Boat,” which blends big-bold melodies with some deep lyrics and her spectacular vocal range and energetic performance, ensuring this is an undeniable straight hit from the onset all the way to the end!

She displays why she is an uncontainable force in this delivery with how she easily manages to fuse the genres of R&B, pop, and dancehall. She effortlessly transitions throughout the track’s length, efficiently managing to transform those quotable lines into an infectious anthem that you simply cannot get enough of. She definitely rocks this boat, and a listener is given a chance to jump into her melodic ocean as she captures your attention from when she starts singing up until the end – such an authenticated and powerful performance!

This track encourages us to find love wherever we can get it and not be afraid because love is a beautiful thing, and you never know if you don’t put yourself out there and be vulnerable sometimes. You get to move your hips to the slapping bass line as you sing along, “My love is an emergency, I’m calling for you…!”

The official music video is out and has so far amassed over 105.4 K views in such a short period, and I couldn’t think of any independent acts that pulled such huge numbers in such a short span. This visual stunner has those big summer vibes to it with the indescribably beautiful scenes from the ocean, complementing the track both in apologue and storyline.

If you haven’t watched the release yet, don’t worry, I got you! Just follow the attached link, subscribe to INDIGO’s YouTube channel, and add this track as a summer favorite under your playlist. Share your thoughts in the comment section about how it makes you feel.

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