Motivated by a lifetime love for music, Ian Moi’s journey as a music producer and artist felt like a natural progression. From a young age, he immersed himself in music, exploring various genres and finding solace in his craft. Fast forward to the present: music has evolved from being merely a hobby to becoming a lifeline and a means of self-expression for him. He has always aimed to send powerful and relevant messages to his listeners through a tried, tested, and approved concoction of house, dance, trance, and tropical beats. It came as a shock when he unexpectedly stopped producing music and mysteriously vanished into thin air. To his loyal fans and new listeners who were just beginning to appreciate his music, it felt akin to betrayal. This pain is indescribable, but it fades into the background now that Moi has returned to the platform that established him as a critically acclaimed musician and fan favorite.

As an artist and electronic dance music producer, Ian believes that even in the midst of chaos, everyone has the right to dream, love, embrace their emotions, and be inspired. More than purely entertaining, his songs serve as a reminder of the beauty and resilience within the human spirit. His comeback repertoire is packed with deep summer vibes and ecstatic collaborations with some of the best talents within the music realm. As you enjoy this music, remember that happiness is a state of mind, and Ian’s music is here to elevate your mood.

The jam “When I Think of You (In My Dreams)” doesn’t need any permission to captivate your spirit; it’s an effortlessly likable masterpiece that is catchy, infectious, and energetic.

Ethereal, nostalgic, and futuristic in its own dynamic range, “When I Think of You (In My Dreams)” infuses elements of house music with a dance and tropical vibe. With its infectious beats and pulsating rhythms, the track is sure to get anyone moving on the dance floor.

The romance-infused lyrics of assurance add a touch of sweetness, as the heavenly male vocals soar above the music, captivating listeners with their ethereal quality while underscoring the song’s anthemic appeal thanks to the catchy, memorable, and sing-along lyrics.

This song transports listeners to a euphoric state, allowing them to lose themselves in the music and escape into their dreams. This is a tour de force that stays with the listener even after the final notes have disappeared.

Capturing the essence of this music so brilliantly, captivatingly, and compellingly is a feat reserved for the very few, and Ian Moi happens to be one such artist, exuding excellence, integrity, and authenticity that has come to make him adored by fans and critics alike.

If you are looking to boost your music playlist, this particular track is the perfect addition—a striking, dance-peppered, and hauntingly beautiful body of work with refined vocals, enthralling beats, and top-notch production.

Since returning to the music scene, Ian is now more than ever committed to continuing his legacy of creating catchy and timeless music, collaborating with incredibly gifted artists, and delivering back-to-back hit music.

“When I Think of You (In My Dreams)” is just one of the many examples of his commitment to the electronic dance music genre, backed by such artistic integrity and excellence.

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