Before making any assumptions, let’s clarify that HOLYMAMI is not your typical singer, rapper, songwriter, or performer. She is a quirky, unconventional self-made artist who challenges musical norms and expectations of this thing we call music. She has identified her unique qualities and is capitalizing on them. With so many mediums to consume music, and the seemingly overwhelming desire of everyone to become a musician, the market is quite saturated. So, how does one stand out among the rest in an overly saturated and highly competitive industry? The key is authenticity. And that is what HOLYMAMI is and aspires to always be. When creating music, it is never her intention to follow trends, but simply to draw inspirations to convert into her own. The saying “iron sharpens iron” applies here, as creatives often inspire each other.

Indie rock, punk, rock ‘n’ roll, and rap dance and fuse under her magic spell. She is an enigmatic enchantress, and her debut single “Kirby” affirms this. This tour de force is distinct right from the get-go and holds you captive throughout its length thanks to how captivating, lyrically powerful, and melodically enchanting it is!

The thrill and rebellious spirit of punk rock meet the poetic nuances of rap in HOLYMAMI’s bold vocal delivery. Her powerful and self-empowering lyrics are perfect for inspiring listeners to face challenges.

The haunting riffs, heavy bass, and resounding percussion all create this energetic beat that is infectious and the ideal complement to HOLYMAMI’s spotlight-stealing vocal performance.

HOLYMAMI, born in Bamenda, Cameroon, and raised in the DMV area, is emerging as a prominent figure in music. This is what dreams are made of!

As the world gets acquainted with her rare trademark talents in “Kirby,” there’s more reason to be excited, as she’s following this up with her debut EP, “Trap Theresa” which will officially be released on March 22, 2024.

What more could a music lover possibly want?

Check out her website to stay updated on her creative endeavors and stream this debut masterpiece.