Starting from the bottom, working his brand up is Heistheartist- a recording artist who hails from Central Islip, New York and was formerly a secular neo-soul artist before he changed to a Christian, experimental and dance artist, which in part had to do with the powerful influence of the TD Jakes online sermons that really impacted his life and he decided he would want to create the same kind of impact on Listener’s hearts and souls through positive music with deep message of conviction and love of Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior. His record numbers speak for themselves and as he takes the melodic stage, soul music pumping through space and a variety of tones from gentle and smooth, to raspy and harsh in order to properly convey the range of emotions through his music, then you begin to understand the scale of musicianship on display – and it is huge!

His latest single, “Boom (Doo Wop Version)” rises from the euphonious flames with mystical allure of the grand piano that sets up a cinematic quality to behold as Take 6’s Joel Kibble’s own mellifluous and stunningly expressive background vocals engage with the special tune to deliver an opening piece worthy of headlining an Oscar award TV show! The melody, the vibes, the cinematography- all washes over you in an instance before Heistheartist drops from heaven with a collection of striking drums and bass rhythms, giving an intense smooth-talking and flawless vocal delivery with his pure and finely polished voice which you can listen to all night long without getting tired or bored of it.

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Heistheartist brings out the music as the art it is with this emotional performance about the delicate matters of the heart and with every lyric uttered, the emotion comes out clearly as the instruments with the keyboard percussion glide through – capturing the tone, essence and spirit of the soul train with impeccable and beautiful spark- this is a case of ‘when the music fits so perfectly, you get goosebumps!’ This track is such a masterpiece; it takes you back in time, as well as into the future proving that music is indeed the only drug allowed!

“Boom (Doo Wop Version)” is now available for streaming on all the major streaming platforms and by following the attached link, you will interact with this magnificence within close range as you drown in its melodic affluence!

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Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie"