Harry Bodley-Scott is a phenomenally gifted singer-songwriter based out of London who blurs the indie-pop lines and goes on to create a unique sonic experience that demonstrates his ability to authentically weave a beautiful tapestry of sound that continues to carry him to new places nationally and internationally as he cements his place in the UK music scene.

Harry is currently making waves with his new dance-inspired pop masterpiece “Bad Dancing,” which ultimately highlights his songwriting dexterity and cheerful personality.

When you press play, you immerse yourself in the luxurious vibes of the upbeat and catchy anthem that is perfect for beach clubs and high-end resorts. The intensively hit guitar progressions and lush, full-bodied melodies flanked by Harry’s own mellifluous vocals create the ultimate soundtrack for your holiday getaway as you dance like no one’s watching and sing along like no one’s listening!

“Bad Dancing” is many things, from a radio staple to club-friendly, even venturing into new unexplored territories. It’s a worthy track to be under the spotlight and really proves an unspoken truth: Harry Bodley-Scott is an erupting volcano of talent, and his music is a gold mine of absolute brilliance that’s inestimable.

It does not matter whether you’ve got two left feet like me; when “Bad Dancing” starts playing, your body will be challenged to conform to new ways of moving as you uncontrollably enter that state of music-inspired ecstasy and start dancing with reckless abandon!

Just in time for the summer festivities and parties, this track effectively stimulates one’s desire to dance, making it the perfect song for your summer playlist.

“Bad Dancing” is streaming on all the popular platforms and already has over 4K Spotify streams in such a short span of time since its release…this only confirms that it is already a fan favorite.

To listen and dance along to this anthem, follow the attached link and make sure you add the track to your music library to blast at your next house party and get everyone dancing enthusiastically on their feet.

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