Hank Quillen is a man of many talents; he is a singer-songwriter, producer, and actor. On the music front, he writes and records his own material and comes through with a sound that knows no boundaries when it comes to genre. His creations fuse diverse influences, encompassing elements of alternative rock, pop-rock, indie rock, country, folk rock, among other traditional sounds. His innate competency to craft music based on his emotions imbues each composition with a distinctive and authentic touch bound to resonate deeply with listeners’ hearts and souls.

His song, “Your Kind of Love,” epitomizes the genre-bending personality that characterizes Hank’s career.

This tune features the quintessential alternative rock foundation with the inescapable stylistic caliber of a traditional Country sound.

A solo guitar lays the groundwork, paving the way for vibrant percussive elements, complemented by Hank’s lively and charismatic voice, delivering a powerful, introspective, and romanticized performance.

The electric riffs give this tune that melodic edge of rock, and the acoustic foundation adds that Country feel. Hank breathes life into his powerful and captivating vocal performance, with a memorable chorus at the track’s heart that is guaranteed to remain stuck in your head long after listening to this song.

This tune is packed with energy, attitude, and personality, and it feels timeless, which makes it a raw masterpiece that deserves a spot in your music library.

Hank’s lifelong passion for guitar, singing, and writing lyrics has been the driving force behind his creative endeavors. His journey thus far serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication and enduring passion for music.

Follow the attached link to listen to “Your Kind of Love,” and if you love what Hank has to offer, add the song to your library and share it with family and friends.

For more information, check out Hank’s website www.hankquillen.com

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