True to his name, Good Spells creates exceptional music within the realms of alternative and unorthodox genres. His songs tell stories expressed through compelling soundscapes carried by alluring and luminous synths, bass, and electronic-coated sounds, creating an auditory experience that defies expectations. This is one of the many reasons music fans have found him to be original, following his every move with great adulation. One consistent aspect of his artistry is the continuous flow of good music. For those unfamiliar, welcome to Good Spells’ sonic spaceship, where enchanting and enigmatic songs transport listeners to new worlds.

Spells returns, and this time he comes with a purposeful and thought-provoking single dubbed “Time Again”- a raw masterpiece that explores the importance of time in this life as well as the navigation of loss.

The opening lines, “What if this was the last time, you never know,” set the reflective tone of the track, leaving listeners with much to ponder. Life is unpredictable; one moment you are here, and the next you are not. The best thing to do is to be grateful for the moments we have in life, enjoy our time here on earth, and just never stop living.

The track revolves around a mysterious and haunting soundscape that is underscored by the deep bass, compelling synths, cinematic piano, and electronic cadence rounding out this powerful sound that hits a listener right in the chest, exuding such a melancholic vibe that perfectly fits with the lyrical narrative.

The vocals are soundly delivered, immensely expressive, and vibrant, gliding over the rhythm with lucidity and command and helping underscore the heavy message behind the lyrics.

“Time Again” is a hauntingly beautiful body of work and very emotional, and the beauty of it is that it leaves a listener with something to reflect on long after the final notes have disappeared.

To add this jam to your own playlist, check out the Spotify link. The track also has an accompanying music video on YouTube worth checking out.