A dark, deep, and haunting body of work, Good Spells’ newest release, “Monsters,” features a steady, driving rhythm that propels the song forward. The drum patterns are tight and punchy, with a prominent kick and crisp hi-hats that give the track that pulsing energy. The synth melodies weave in and out, creating a lush yet foreboding soundscape that reflects the inner struggle against the metaphorical monsters.

As the song progresses, it takes a darker turn, with a minimalist approach that strips away some of the layers to create this moment of introspection. The synths create a sense of space, allowing Good Spells’ brooding voice to stand out as he confronts his monsters directly. The memorable chorus serves as the turning point, where Good Spells acknowledges the challenges but declares his resolve to overcome them.

Good Spells fully embraces the retro aesthetic with his production, striking a chord of nostalgia in the listener. The sweeping synths and shimmering pads create that feeling of cathartic release. The climaxing, lingering synth echo symbolizes that, although the monsters may still be out there, they have no power over Good Spells or the listener.

“Monsters” is an alternative pop song that offers a dark yet empowering journey, using retro-inspired synths and atmospheric production to convey a message of resilience and inner strength. It invites listeners to confront their own monsters and find the courage to rise above them.

Good Spells has also released an official lyric video to back up this song. It is a visually striking lyric video that stays relevant to the song’s thematic essence and has continued to earn positive buzz from diehard fans who appreciate such dark and deep songcraft.

To experience “Monsters,” check the attached link and let the music completely take over—that’s when you truly feel it!

For more information, you might want to consider checking Good Spells’ official website, www.goodspells.com