The summer may be over, but the music never dies. And with the release of “Summer’s Over,” the new single from singer-songwriter and VFX artist Glassface, we were reminded of that truth in a big way.

You can call him a genius- Glassface, also known professionally as Face, is a multi-talented wizard with dynamic creativity fueled by his insatiable passion for videography and music. Glassface has been involved in over 45 VFX jobs in music videos, including Lil Yatchy’s music video “for one night”. The project with Lil Yatchy earned Glassface an RIAA platinum plaque for achieving over 100 million views. Such an achievement is a result of the courage and boldness of Glassface.

With the same courage and creativity, Glassface collaborates with artist Naeem to offer us a musical gem in the single “Summer’s over”, which dazzles from the start with the shimmering halo of the rich sounds, escorted to some breathtaking elegance by his passionate and captivating vocals.
“Summer’s Over” gets off to a charming guitar intro that blends with the bouncing wave of synth percussion. Then, the track culminates to a tremendous blazer as the deep-phased bass, married with the drums and other complex instruments, make this a hedonistic banger matched with speed and affluence by Glassface’s lyrical magnificence.

With a sad undertone, “Summer’s Over” expresses sadness and disappointment that summer is over a little sooner than the artists expected. It is an expectation to ride on, but it just faded in the spur of the moment. It deals with the feelings of loss and nostalgia that come with the end of summer but ultimately celebrates all the happy moments we shared.

His beats have become almost as memorable as the lyrics he delivers. His control over the melody is evident, as is his effectiveness—he can drive the track to reflect his feelings, image, and style. By the end of the day, we have a fantastic banger that slaps like hell and feels like heaven—only he can deliver such a song in his unique style!

“Summer’s Over” is now available for streaming, and I assure you that you will instantly fall in love with it- follow the attached link and add this powerful track to your favorite playlist and don’t forget to share it everywhere!

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