¥GhoStBoi¥ has been creating his own lane of feel-good music that has electronic and ambient music lovers enjoying every bit of it. It seems whatever this anonymous inventor touches ultimately turns to gold. He is really proving to be one of the most innovative and creative electronic music artists of his generation. He connects with his audience by putting his heart and soul into his compositions, and through the primarily instrumental nature of his music, he is still able to pass a concrete message.

“Sh3lt3R’ is the kind of soundscape that offers you a route to escapism; encapsulating an alternative culture of the sound and sights of the ambient, ¥GhoStBoi¥ drives this track forward with intense, drum-heavy rhythms and a dynamic, stop-start presence that is both refreshingly innovative and unforgivingly impactful.

Guided by such a consistent rhythmic section that is accentuated by the melodic improvisation around the bass and drum fill, ¥GhoStBoi¥ is quick to highlight a very unique sound composition that features a beautifully haunting percussive section that feels like the backbone of this masterpiece…when you hear it, you will automatically know!

“Sh3lt3R” is the sound of all occasions, and particularly on days when you want to reflect deeply and feel at ease and rest within the calmness and groove emanating from a sound of this nature.

For maximum impact, I’d recommend listening to “Sh3lt3R” with headphones and in a place with minimal distraction for you to take it all in and particularly on days when you want to reflect deeply and feel at ease that hits you emotionally even without the words.

¥GhoStBoi¥ really is the big deal when it comes to experimental and explorative music within the realms of electronic space, and as someone who is at the summit of his creative expression, it is no fluke that he has over 10K Spotify monthly listeners…seems like everybody has found just the place to escape!

“Sh3lt3R” is now streaming on popular platforms, including Spotify. Follow the attached link to stream and add this track to your music library.

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