Freak De L´Afrique are an innovative, inspired, ingenious and visionary collective hailing from Berlin with a penchant for Africa’s modern club Afro fusion sounds. They have been continually growing and scaling the Afro music heights and now host some of the biggest Afro engineered club nights in Berlin and have even taken the parties to other cities outside of Berlin. They started their own YouTube show “Freak De L´Afrique TV” which covers the music, live performances, tours, and news related to Berlin’s Afrodiasporic communities.

The impressive catalog boats of their own groundbreaking productions and remixes from popular artists. 2022 is going to be a very engaging year as they gear towards releasing their debut album “Awosa” – expected to be released in May and also tour as many continents as possible while putting on those unforgettable shows and live performances. Of all the countries they have visited such as Senegal, U.S.A, Tanzania, London, Mozambique, Kenya, and Ghana, they have left an indelible mark with their heartfelt and gripping performances and this year will be no different ( they even intend to do better!)

“Yebo” is their first Amapiano track to come out of Berlin and the delicious blend of the bi-lingual German and Tswana – a euphonious and agreeable melody in all fronts. There is a plethora of engaging ideas in display and this short and sweet Amapiano medley flourishes with the rip-rollicking melodicism on display backed by the high vitality performance from DJ Nomi’s and Linda’s camp!

This is a bombshell kind of magical track that fills the ambiance with its timeless rhythm and its speaker-thumping Amapiano beats colored sonically with the alluring hints of afro-fusion that jump right across a listener’s chest with gusto and high fashion. This is not your ordinary Amapiano track; this is an anthem that has been tremendously mixed and mastered to precision and an instant party starter! You will need your dancing shoes on as you approach this track for it is certain to knock you off your feet as you recollect yourself and try to gain balance on your way up from the ground dancing the South African way – your face plastered with vivid glee! We officially have a party anthem for the summer! “Yebo” is now available on all the online music platforms and you’d be best advised to jump on this popular bandwagon and invite as many fanatics as possible – let’s go!


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