FOURPL4Y Talladega

FOURPL4Y is now set to make a major comeback into the music scene has taken a temporary hiatus to sharpen his skills in songwriting and gather a deeper sense of musical knowledge. The best singers are lifetime learners and that is true for young as well as seasoned artists. FOURPL4Y is now seeking to convey his stories through music in ways that will inspire audiences his age and beyond. Channeling optimism of youth added the spice of early insight into life’s lessons and hands-on experience, FOURPL4Y has taken songwriting quickly and learned how to transfer his energy and creativity into music with near universal impact as his new single, “Talladega” will highlight!

“Talladega” is one of those hypnotic bangers that you simply cannot get enough of; it has everything to ground your interest throughout its length. Moreso, this is music to be felt by the soul and heart with its intrigue transcending the listening senses. FOURPL4Y goes out in this one and blends several genres into one remarkable masterpiece that has been critically acclaimed ever since it dropped.

Outside of its emo rap-inspired lyricism is of course those banging beats that blend some striking instrumentation right from the organic ones, the biting basslines, to the vintage synths and resounding drums. Later on, as the track builds, there is that rock percussion added for gratifying effects to keep you amped up and lost in this spectrum of melodic fascination!

To augment “Talladega’s” impact tenfold is of course how FOURPL4Y delivers those catchy and memorable hooks in his dreamy vocals that somehow pull you into wanting more. This is just a pure and divine body of work that I am more than certain fits the description of a “radio staple”- it has everything you’d need to get listeners calling and requesting every other day!

It is little surprise that “Talladega” already has over 15k streams on Spotify alone in such a short period since it was released and with the numbers projected to rise even further.

To stream and add this genuine masterpiece as a favorite under your music collection; follow the attached link and don’t forget to share this piece of work everywhere. The complimentary high-standard music video is also out and you can follow FOURPL4Y on his socials so as to watch the same!

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