Evster is an independent rap artist who started making music after going through a devastating heartbreak that saw him channel all that anger, sadness, and pitiful emotions into music. It was in this seemingly escapism-like activity that he found his niche and developed a penchant for writing relatable narratives and passionately performing them. His music is now his life, and he is making music that connects to its listeners on a deep emotional level, allowing them to find their own relatability and stories within the lyrics of his songs.

“Late December” is one of the most intimate, heartfelt, and thoughtful performances from Evster in which he featured guest artist Frio for a captivating and heartwarming duet worthy of any listener’s playlist.

The instrumentation is stripped-down; featuring mellow guitar tones that allow the vocal performance and the message behind the lyrics to stand out. Evster’s raw emotions can be picked up through his voice as he delivers in his signature rap-sing technique, going on to perform from his heart and soul and give this piece so much life and soul.

Through Evster’s emotion-filled vocal performance, he radiates raw emotion through the ear-gracing guitar instrumentation, and this also carries over into the song’s deep emotions because, with a song like this one and how subtle and driving it can be at the same time, that performance has to be really spot on for it to make sense.

That’s some outstanding guitar work; it’s absolutely perfected and comes through with as much heart and soul as the rest of the song does. You can’t help but think of parts of your life, and in a way, you feel like this track could have been written about a chapter of your life….and that is what makes it so special.

Accompanied by an official lyric video that allows you to connect with each and every lyric, “Late December” is a must-listen for lovers of authentic and relatable music.

To learn more about Evster and his music, check him out on Instagram.