Emsee Damn

For some time now, quintessential Houston emcee alias Emsee has been proving he lyrically belongs to the Ivy League just like his counterparts in the mainstream rap industry. This heavy hitter comes armed to the core with a repertoire of fresh flows that never seem to dry from his tank of wisdom, and it has been inspiring to see him continuously grow a wider fan base as more and more listeners get entranced by his style of rap that blends the old and new school – bridging the gap between generations. He has barely scratched the surface and is proving to be a major threat, with key industrial players and new listeners aware of a new force in the rap space worth reckoning!

His single “Damn,” on which he collaborated with fellow artists KNG GST and Big Tone, is a certified banger that has been trending on digital platforms. The music video, for example, has had over 52K views, demonstrating the immense influence it has already had on hip-hop fans.

Emsee lyrically reminds everyone why his name is MC-rated, as he owns the beats with his boastful lyrics and cunning wordplay, which portrays merely a great life with his pricey taste and gives an ode to living rich while you still can!

KNG GST and Big Tone do well to complement this track and drive the narrative home with their equally clever wordplays over the fire beats. “Damn” is a supedopa anthem that has the capability of dominating social events and street parties all year long.

The music video is a simple yet effective affair as “The Boys” spit the bars from within the confines of the studio, each taking their moment excitedly and exuding such innate charisma and passion.

To enjoy this banger while watching the high-standard complementary video; follow the attached link, subscribe to Celestial Sound Music Group’s YouTube channel, like the video, and share your thoughts in the comments section!

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