Israel born, New York-based singer-songwriter Ella Mar may be the quintessential eclectic star of Gen Y who seems to acknowledge no boundaries between styles or eras. She has developed a penchant for creating music that is both idiosyncratic and personal, borrowing from any style that crosses her path-elements of alternative rock, folk, and jazz which gives her an across-the-board appeal among different demographics. This has also helped elevate her to international acclaim. Tapping into real life scenarios about mental health, love, and heartbreak, she writes music most people can relate to on any level!

Her single, “High Anyway” is the most dynamic song in my mind; it feels so natural and yet exudes a brand new experience every time you listen to it. very deep and meaningful…this got me thinking that the more you listen to songs like this, the more you actually miss this era of music!

I love how Ella Mar borders between substance and appeal with her style, which cuts across alternative rock and jazz enchantingly. This is the closest you get to reliving the good old days. “High Anyway” is a true definition of Renaissance. She makes it seem simple, but it has to be extremely difficult to make rock/jazz music while keeping the edge of honesty!

I love how the weight of the music is carried on her sultry, dreamy, and haunting voice, with the myriad of accompanying instrumentation providing a solid foundation for her vocals to flourish. The music video is just as powerful as the song itself and really highlights mental health challenges and falling back to self-meditation. The visuals are of high quality and eye-catching, with the powerful scenes blended so magnificently.

To get a taste of this empowering and prolific body of work; follow the attached link, don’t forget to subscribe to her Ella Mar Music YouTube channel, like the video and share it everywhere!

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