Known for her compelling voice that seamlessly blends strength and sensitivity, UK-based Nigerian songstress Elizabeth Johnson’s music has been praised for its authentic storytelling and melodic innovation, earning her a dedicated following that keeps growing by the day. She is an artist who has been recognized for her ability to sing across different genres while keeping it interesting for her listeners and maintaining her core bluesy, soulful, and subtle jazzy brand. Her music offers a compelling mix of personal introspection and social commentary, inviting listeners to find their own stories in her words. Writing from a place of both tenderness and strength gives her lyrics a life of their own, allowing them to create a personal connection with the listener.

The air is thick with anticipation following Elizabeth Johnson’s highly anticipated release of her debut album ‘Reminiscence’ which is set to officially drop on July 19 this year. This is not just a collection of tracks, this is a sonic tour de force that explores love, loss, rediscovery, and healing, tapping into resonant feelings that have been birthed from real-life experiences; either hers, those of people close to her, or her own creative imaginations—reflecting society as it is.

‘Reminiscence’ epitomizes E.J’s innovative spirit and unparalleled talent. Fans and new listeners alike are bound to be mesmerized by the smooth, captivating sounds she delivers.

‘Remember Me’ is one of my personal favorites from this album. This piano-laden masterpiece features poignant lyrics as Johnson’s emotion-drenched vocals underscore their emotional weight. This song captures the sadness of seeing someone you loved move on with someone else after all the promises they made, the memories you shared, and the seemingly unbreakable bond between you. E.J’s words are raw with hurtful reflections, mirroring the downhearted feelings of someone who can’t bring themselves to let go…at least not yet. The gentle piano and mellow percussion as the song progresses allow for the raw lyrics to thrive, as well as her passionate vocals.

‘Without You’ is a proper ballad featuring a hauntingly beautiful guitar-laden melody, setting a delightful backdrop for Elizabeth’s sensitive vocals. If sharing music is your love language, this tune is the perfect one to send to someone who gives you butterflies, and you can’t imagine living in a world without them. This is an ode to that special kind of love; without which you feel so cold and hollow inside.

‘Goodbye’ hit me right in the heart, right from the get-go. That country-flavored intro with the striking guitar and drums made me remember Chris Stapleton’s ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ and boy, is it such an earworm! The lyrics are sorrowful, reflecting love that didn’t reach its intended destination. Now, there is nothing left except to say goodbye and move on with your life, far from this person who didn’t appreciate you enough. This song is an anthem of resilience and moving on from a toxic and draining relationship.

‘Can This Really Be Love’ sees E.J wear her dancing shoes as she transports us to an Afrobeat-inspired world, grabbing our attention with the catchy and infectious beats as much as her own mellifluent and powerhouse soulful vocals. This tune explores the idea of ‘too good to be true’ as Johnson wonders whether it is indeed love she is receiving or if it’s all in her head. The beauty of this jam rests on its catchiness, relatability, and danceability.

There is so much to revel in in this album that was made with you, dear listener, in mind. With the date already set, you are now invited to pre-save ‘Reminiscence’ and patiently wait for July 19th, when this sonic tour de force will be officially unveiled. Follow Elizabeth Johnson on social media for real-time updates on this and much more.