Going by the most appropriate stage name as far as his craft is concerned is non-other than Electrancy; an amateur music composer and visual artist wizard providing exotic animations to enlighten your visual cortex! He hails from Huntsville, Alabama, and is also a computer programmer who writes his own codes. Growing up, he developed this unappeasable passion in music, and his love was fueled further by the works of John Williams and the digital MIDI adaptations and other ground-breaking musical technology invented that inspired him greatly. He grew up around math and physics architects seeing his dad was an engineer and while at a young age, he was encouraged to study the behavior of the universe which despite feeding his tiny sense of awe, powered his sense of curiosity and off he ventured into discovering answers for himself!

Being a computer programmer and graphic animation designer, Electrancy has sought off created a unique and balanced musical world where these features complement each other. What I mean by this is that you get some ethereally gratifying tunes accompanied by some mind-blowing visual art technology that gets you at the edge of your seat as you marvel at such genuine brilliancy!

This is now exactly what “S-VAT” is- a certified and spectacularly innovated visual work of art with the background melody that is painted in the flourishing pop-rock style filling a listener with delight as they move their body, rock their body and dance with their bodies to such danceable tune that is ear-grabbing and heartwarming!

This is what we call a brainy invention with the visual images unfolding before your screen and playing to the aura of the melody taking you on a journey inhabited by visual technology and all the power within your brain is now more heightened and you almost feel robotic like- like you can interpret all these visual signs. Electrancy explains the technology behind this video which was shot using a new secrete visual art technology that can produce, get this; an array of visuals as showcased in the video using his adroitly designed algorithm- such a mastermind of technology he is!

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