Known for his poetically defined lyricism, contagious vibe, deep lyrics, and subtly humorous way in his delivery, Eddy Cane, originally based out of Columbia, SC, in the USA  has cultivated a style of neo soul that has gone on to win the hearts and ears of a massive number of listeners globally. Reshaping the way we look at music with his distinctively genre-fusion style, Eddy Cane’s tunes are driven by the core soul and R&B soundscape with a rap-quality delivery for that crossover appeal. While balancing his military and artistic duties, Eddy Cane is not giving up on his passion for music, as he seeks to go on and stamp his indelible imprint on countless records that will go on to cement his legacy!

Featuring an undeniable upbeat and nostalgic instrumentation that’s sure to capture the listening senses of its listener, “Feeling Bout You” perfectly fits the enticing, romantic nature of the lyricism, which has Eddy professing his love to his wife.

Bringing his signature smooth vocal delivery to the forefront, Eddy conveys that it is okay to invite love into your life, wherever it comes from. Through his own rap-tuned delivery, a listener gets to vividly picture themselves enjoying that kind of special and rare love with their near perfect soul mate.

“Feeling Bout You” is the track you play as you get ready to take your significant other out, or simply if sharing music is your love language.

At the heart of the accompanying lyric video are the undeniably stunning visuals that are in perfect sync with the track’s lyrics and the perfect complement to this impeccable ballad.

Love has always been the purest form of energy; music, on the other hand, is the universal language that everyone has the capacity to understand. Together, they make the perfect recipe for unification in today’s time. “Feeling Bout You” is a heartwarming piece that blends the two together and appeals to everyone who has been in love before or is currently experiencing that true love.

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