The music world has gotten quite competitive, and in order to stand out in one’s particular field, one requires more than just a high level of expertise. This is exactly what has kept the eclectic powerhouse DYNYSTY in the game for so long, as she blurs genre boundaries with her genre-bending style of music, cutting across contemporary R&B, urban pop, and hip-hop with inventive finesse. Her creative expression also spans a number of disciplines; she is a singer-songwriter, actress, model, and author.

DYNYSTY is appreciated and revered for her depth and maturity, as well as the way she expresses deep emotions and sensitivity in each of her songs, allowing listeners to relate and find their own stories within the lyrics. Her golden voice, which possesses such a diverse old-school powerhouse range, is an uncontainable force.

Blending her angelic voice and an unmistakable organic storytelling style is what has birthed fan favorites such as “Sexy on it” and “N.B.A”; two critically acclaimed tracks that have gone on to elevate DYNYSTY into international acclaim.

“Sexy on it” is a delightfully charming track that showcases DYNYSTY’s inventive flair in the contemporary R&B and urban pop sound, as her mellifluous and soulful voice captivates listeners over the upbeat instrumentation.

Her performance in this song blends elements from the past with a modern touch, appealing to music listeners of all generations. Her R&B-infused vocals inject this tune with that sense of nostalgia, and the way she lures in the listener with that memorable chorus will remain stuck with you for quite some time.

“N.B.A” is a celebratory anthem for all the sexy, beautiful, and handsome people who are confident about who they are and are enjoying every second of their existence, having the fun of their lives because they know their time here is limited and they only get a shot at being this alive once…so why not make the most of it!

Straddling the realms of contemporary pop and hip-hop, DYNYSTY’s performance here is nothing short of a masterclass that displays her limitless versatility both as a songwriter and performer.

After a temporary hiatus, DYNYSTY is back, bigger and better, promising timeless, catchy, and unforgettable classics to be released one by one.

She is set to release a new single, “Only Want You.” For real-time updates, follow her on Instagram and stream her music, available on all major streaming platforms.