Dylan Tauber The Lagoon

Dylan Tauber has had an exciting journey ever since he graduated from Columbia University in 1996, went to stay in NYC, Jerusalem in Miami and is currently residing in Northern Israel where he has been carrying out his artistic work under his “Sons of Waves Studios.” Apart from being an award-winning electronic musician, this man with many gifts is also a cyber-artist, photographer and author. To date, he has released fifteen transcendental electronica albums which have put him on the map including the deservedly acclaimed ones, “Sound from Space 2” and “He Loves Carmen” which were widely appreciated around all corners of the world- going on to receive massive airplay and positive reviews from radios and magazines universally.

He has another glamorous collection titled, “The Lagoon”- a 12-piece collection that will take you on an unforgettable adventure as you explore the boundaries through sea and coral reefs that harbor the indescribably beautiful lagoon! Growing from all-rounded roots of electronica soundscape, “The Lagoon” branches out into techno, EDM, trance, and minimal with Tauber taking inspiration from his many swims around the world and the very beautiful lagoon on an island in the southwest pacific and delving into the heritage, life experiences, and feelings towards the water bodies.

After listening to this extensive collection, I came out with a feeling that the goal behind each song was to explore the depth of an idea to the end of the rabbit hole and that is why every track fascinatingly transitions into each other whilst the album remaining seamless as an authentic body of work!

The opening track, “Please Stay” captures a feeling of nostalgia that is both retrospective and bundled up with bliss and captivation for magic. Tauber delivers a confidently unique sound with the enticing female drops adding that distinctive R&B feel over the trance-like abundant melody that dazzles through with rhythmic order and fascination. Every element sits nicely in the mix to engineer an ageless masterpiece that will still ring to eternity a decade from now!

“Dance for Me” hits deep with a tremendous amount of rhythm and melody with the enchanting female vocal drops adding sonic warmth and clarity and that fantastical heavenly feeling that you simply cannot get enough of.  This is the type of track you listen to while dancing with euphoric abandon as the beats are felt not only by the heart but also by the soul!

“Cyber Spirit” pays homage to his cyber-artistry evolutions with the deep and consistent beats that have been strung together with admirable precision creating a very ear worming sound that you could listen to all day without getting tired!

“Walk with Me” is a film-like euphonious tune that features some deeply ascending beats that are rhythmically firm and seamless. This is an absolute masterpiece in electronica music transcendence!

This is just the tip of the iceberg as there is a lot to digest even in tunes like “Hold my Hand”, “Heaven on Earth” the title track, “The Lagoon” and the many others that make this exceptional collection. This is the type of album you listen to from the start to the end without cherry picking via remote button with every track capturing a unique sense of adventure and otherworldly experience.

With this album, Dylan Tauber proves once more that he is not a novice act and this delivery right here is worthy of critical praise. These tracks embellished with electronic sonic textures and deep-driving beats is really the highlight of this powerful collection.

Now that your interest is aroused; follow the attached link and let the tracks from, “The Lagoon” elevate your spirits as well as your playlist as they melodically overspill from your listening device straight into your heart and soul!

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