Some of the best hip-hop and rap artists are natural-born storytellers. They want to do more than just entertain listeners; they want to connect deeply and personally with them and share more of their creative vision with the world. This is certainly true for Jacksonville, FL-based rapper, Dread Jefe, who exceeds the role of just a performer. He continues to set the bar higher in terms of quality production and intensely personal lyrics. With a decade’s worth of experience, he has developed his own knack for producing hit records that not only entertain but also inspire, uplift, and empower.  

One thing Jefe never compromises on is authenticity and originality; there’s already an influx of more than enough artists trying to sound like others, and he’s not all about that. He seeks to connect with his listeners through his distinct rap style—a style both ardent fans and new listeners can identify with.

Jefe returns with a raw jam, “Slide”, inspired by his daily creative process.
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As someone who doesn’t make music for the sake of it, meticulous attention to detail is very imperative to him. He wants the beat and the inspiration behind his songwriting to work in perfect harmony with each other, and that’s why he can be listening to 10–15 beats before he feels it’s the perfect one to start working on.

Sometimes, overwhelmed with ideas, he meticulously crafts them into a coherent track.…which sometimes means sitting on songs for months before he actually starts recording them.

“Slide” transports listeners to a unique dimension and mood. The thoughtfully integrated keyboard sets the tone for the track. Jefe showcases such maturity and experience, smoothly and expressively riding this beat with such elegance and class.

His authentic creativity and effortless, yet perfectly executed and distributed rhymes and smart wordplay make “Slide” a bona fide standout with replay value; the more you listen, the richer the experience becomes.

Jefe, striving to reach the pinnacle of global rap, is undeniably an artist to watch.

To stream and add “Slide” to your playlist, follow the link and make sure you share it with your friends and family. 

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