Dontáe’s Peak has been stretching the genre boundaries ever since he stepped into the music scene, continuously changing shape and not allowing himself to be restricted by the type of music he creates. What you get in return is an artist who isn’t afraid to delve deep into the creative process, explore the musical depths, and blend several influences together to come up with a genuinely brand new sound that he delivers with near-flawless execution.

A first-class lyricist at heart, Dontáe’s Peak has always developed an innate proficiency to leave indelible imprints over any type of beat, and that was no different in his latest banger, Conflicted,” featuring Whosdelly and produced by the renowned producer Ty the Sound God.

On the surface, “Conflicted” really is an authentic trap masterpiece, but as you dig in, more and more influences are added to it to give it that cinematic color and groove, especially with those rock undertones at some point in the tune.

And to think that this masterpiece was created in a 4×6 basement with basic equipment is mind-blowing. This track is solid and has been backed by an outstanding lyrical performance that gives it that anthemic vibe and thrill.

Dontáe’s Peak works well with the guest performer Whosdelly…they are in perfect sync with one another, trading verses and cadence and going on to exude genuine chemistry. You would think they have worked together before, but this was actually the first time all of them were in a studio basement together!

“Conflicted” has all the markings of a viral hit: from the superb production, pristine songwriting and unmatched vocal performance, it is everything you’d want in your favorite anthem.

The banger has already gotten off to an attention-grabbing reception with so many listeners and music pundits hailing it as the next big anthem in rap, and true to their accurate plaudits, this banger is set on a headline-stealing rampage!

“Conflicted” is a must-listen for fans of Hip-hop, Rap, and Trap music. It’s a shining testament to the power of determination and perseverance, wrapped up in an electrifying package that don’t want to miss!

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