For one undeniably beautiful and gifted star Kendall Wright alias DJ Kbabyy who is originally from Alaska, there is absolutely no limit to the flair an artist can unleash; – as such, DJ Kbabyy is set to solidify her legacy by building a career that rests on the touchstone of musical ecstasy as she has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that she possesses a great ear for hit melodies and the knack for commercial! Her impressive discography suggests a refined artist-producer who has exceptional skills and is not shy to experiment so as to deliver well-crafted sounds that know no boundaries of time or place.

While still on her mission to make a name for herself and cement her place as the female EDM creative to watch out for, DJ Kbabyy has a new banger christened “Heartless.” “Heartless” is a showcase of an out-of-the-ordinary talent as she brings you classic, original ear candy!

DJ Kbabyy manages to strike a balance between the abundant EDM-defined features in “Heartless” with a distinctive marriage of the progressive house and techno-like features to engineering a full-blast melodious anthem that you can vibe to all night long, on your feet and dancing with reckless abandon to its undeniably irresistible rhythmic qualities.

The sound emanated here has been drilled to near perfection without any component feeling like it has been overindulged. The female vocal drops float over the charged instrumentation and add this tune with that depth and color while also giving it catchy elements.

I am pretty certain that it is impossible to listen to this sound without physically moving; its danceable qualities feature that electronic spark means that you just have to keep up as you enjoy the time of your life over the beats.

Kudos to work well done; I know for a fact that “Heartless” will be unanimously acclaimed and will highlight DJ Kbabyy’s striking capabilities and spread her fame further.

To stream and add “Heartless” to your playlist; follow the attached link and don’t forget to share this smash dance track with other EDM aficionados!

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