DJ Gem_Rpm has been amassing a cult following by making a name for herself internationally in the music production and DJ scene with her brilliantly exceptional creativity. She channels her love for music into an experimental soundscape that captures even more of her ‘no-rules’ approach to music production and DJing. Her cross-over cinematic electronic music is a concoction of lustful, textured, ambient, disco, and retro improvisations to various artists’ songs as she goes on to give them her own authentic stamp.

DJ Gem is currently making headlines with her smooth, chill, and hypnotic track, “The Few Things (chilled version)” a romantic ballad that features live instrumentation over the electronic production creating a sound that words can hardly describe.

The thing about this kind of music is that it hits its listener right in the feels and leaves a lasting impression. The audacious blend of rhythm and melody, given a downtempo feel really gets to the listener, and the end result is something that feels indescribably beautiful, healing, and really nourishes the soul.

The heartwarming, conversational vocals gently slide over the graceful mix in both powerful and tender ways, exploring the whirlwind of romance and allowing the listener to get drawn into the mix and find their own emotions within the song.

This is first-class production that few artists of Gem’s era can match, and that is why she has gone on to make a name for herself as one of the highly rated female music producers and DJs who is turning the industry on its head each and every day.

To experience the vibrations as they soothingly course through the body, mind, and soul, please follow the attached link and let “The Few Things (chilled version)” be part of your routine listening experience.

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