The epitome of electrifying energy, DJ DeT Vibe, is the name to remember. This EDM maestro has been captivating audiences with his genre-bending approach to EDM. True to his name, he creates a vibe that is immersive and irresistible, drawing listeners into the pulsating rhythms and sonic charm of his music. Known for his creativity and versatility, DJ DeT Vibe seamlessly blends various dance styles, crafting distinctive soundtracks that are as catchy as they are timeless. What sets him apart is his ability to connect with audiences on a deeper level. Each track he creates is infused with a sense of joy and celebration, inviting listeners to let loose and dance without inhibition. His music transcends boundaries, appealing to a wide range of EDM fans and leaving them eager for more.

And once again, DJ DeT Vibe is making headlines following the release of his latest single, “Lost in My Feelings” featuring the incredibly gifted female vocalist Angeleia.

“Lost in My Feelings” is the kind of jam that has benefited from excellent production. The way DJ DeT Vibe lets it transcend, from the first note to the last, is sound design achieved right.

The pulsating energy of the infectious beats meets the magical allure of the sweet-sounding vocals that underscore the anthemic nature of the song. Every element of this track works in close tandem, achieving what the song was meant to, and that is what makes it so memorable.

By the end of your listening experience, you will indeed feel as though you’ve experienced something truly special, making you want to keep listening. That is where the repeat button comes in!

A captivating EDM track, both catchy and infectious, “Lost in My Feelings” is now ripe for consumption. Check out the attached link below, stream, and add the song to your dance playlist.