Through a combination of grit, determination, and raw talent, US-based producer and artist Dj Biggo has been able to make a name for himself as one of the most highly rated and successful up-and-coming musicians in the United States. And looking back, maybe this all seemed like a far-fetched reality, as he grew up in poverty and had to learn how to survive from a young age. He’s always had that attitude of a go-getter with an unmatched work ethic that quickly allowed him to rise from the depths of destitution to the heights of triumph.

Dj Biggo authenticates a unique and distinct sound that has earned him a loyal following among hip-hop and rap fans. Coming through with raw lyricism over a gritty production, his latest single “Run That Bagg Up” has an undeniable presence that is sure to delight listeners.

The sound and style he presents perfectly embody his unique flair while still maintaining the authenticity of his roots. The music here is distinct and holistic; it speaks for itself, and Dj Biggo speaks to the mic as if it were his personal diary.

With a no-holds-barred lyrical approach, Dj Biggo offers a thought-provoking and hard-hitting performance with his masterful flows and inimitable cadence. His expressive voice perfectly suits the genre, while his ability to paint vivid images with his lyrics showcases his talent for storytelling.

“Run That Bagg Up” is a masterclass in hip hop and rap with a deeply relevant theme at its core; this is the anthem for all those relentlessly grinding and working extra hard and keeping their heads up while at it with the intention of changing their fortunes as well as for those in their lives.

The track is further elevated by its superb music video, featuring high-quality, professionally produced scenes that perfectly complement this banger. It is little wonder why the video already has over 63K views in just under four days.

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