Payne alias DJ Allure rose from just the DJ/Producer with a dream and a self-purchased controller to headline some of the biggest and most prestigious music venues in the globe, including JHU Summer Festival with Cash Cash at Rams Head Live in Baltimore, Bsw Arena (Greenville, SC), World Nightclub (Charlotte) and many more prominent venues. He has had the honor to tour with some of the A-listers in the music entertainment industry such as Kevin Gates, Gucci Mane and many more.

DJ Allure hails from Baltimore, Maryland, and mixes and masters a refreshingly eclectic soundscape that features hot and banging elements of Future, Hip hop, House, Tropical, and other certified musical genres. His imposing catalog boasts of tracks like: “Flexer”, “Everything”, “Eclipse” “Luna” and “F.F.E”- and from some of these titles, you can already guess that his musical productions will undoubtedly transport you to the realm of another planet and bring you back safely to planet earth once you are through with the exploration!

He is not your average DJ/Producer; he possesses that dynamic creativity that is fueled by his insatiable passion for both music and technology and it is from these coexisting passions that his distinct sounds are formulated. He is now set to officially release his new single titled “Cou Cou” on the 15th of April 2022. Now, this is a special track in so many ways, one of which is that it was produced from a point of emotional turmoil. He transformed his mental and personal turmoil into a lively Deep and chilled house track that listeners battling similar emotional and mental storms can find a sound to release their emotions through.

“Cou Cou” is 6 minutes long and stuns and evokes right from the intro showcasing that a lot of thought has gone into how the track can aesthetically resemble DJ Allure’s inspiration behind its production and as a result, the track feels both wholly authentic and lovingly crafted together, the attention to detail is nothing short of inspiring! This deeply poignant and absorbing allure gracefully whisks a listener up and transports them on a fascinating sonic journey brimming with harmonic intrigue, beautifully expressed melodies, and profoundly deeply resonating emotions!

Like his reputation precedes him, “Cou Cou” is a masterpiece firework that has been meticulously lit up and scrupulously ignited to capture the essence, tonality, and significance of the mental emotions that inspired this track. A stupendous production is about to fill the airwaves and all we can do is just wait patiently as we pre-save this track on Spotify as it is already available for pre-save right now!

As for the 15th, we can find a little solace that we are already in April, and in a few days’ time, we shall all be united under one melodic umbrella; “Cou Cou!”

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