As the popularity of underground hip-hop rises so does versatile artist and rapper Devilz Playground, to the brink of genuine superstardom – Devilz Playground is a gifted rapper and songwriter based off of the city of Phoenix, Arizona. Her life and journey thus far is inspiring and touching at the same time seeing that her father’s death had a huge impact not on her but also on her whole family. Their story has actually been told in a book by Michelle Shreeve titled “Parental Death. The Ultimate Teen Guide”. Music was there for her and filled that void in ways that no one else could and to this date, she credits much of who she is due to music – such a powerful tool! Her music tells of her stories and struggles such as the one she faced of addiction. And to those who have been faced with such struggles, especially addiction can relate heavily to her craft. One thing about addiction is that it knows no boundaries, and its impact goes beyond the person fighting it! She had a reverence moment in 2005 by having an opportunity to record with Grammy Award-winning Aaron Conner at Cypher Sound Studio in Kansas City, Missouri.

Over her life as an artist, she has performed in numerous nightclubs all the way from Kansas City, Mo to her now hometown Phoenix, Arizona. She met with the music collaborative “Unrehearsed Music Group” while co-hosting the Radio show “Da Cook Houze” who invited her to do collaborations on some of their albums and later asked her to be part of the group. And now, bringing quintessential Arizona female MC and rap mistress Reign Rosegold, they have an exceptionally certified banger dubbed “Gassed Up” that transcends the boundaries of innovative underground creativity even by their virtuosic standards! This single is set to be officially released on the 18th of March 2022.

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This track has been built from the ground up and the way it has been outstandingly mixed and mastered speaks volumes to the behind-the-scenes involved in its creation! Everything hits from the intro that jumps at a listener with the alluring haunting percussive melody colored with a delicious touch of the water splash before the instruments take a deep dive with the deep-phased bass tones, the atmospheric beat synths, patterns, and the reverberation elements that add that compelling color and depth to the sonic space.

Devilz Playground cements her place as one of the rap geniuses of our time by delivering a lyrical glamour capable of lighting up the “Half-time show” at the Super Bowl! Her witty wordplay and speed is put to test and pass with flying colors as she delivers a performance for the books! At the chorus, an intriguing idea is added with the two acts coming together in a blissful moment of rap unity delivering that give and take motif that puts listeners on the edge of their sits! Reign Rosegold does not disappoint proving her worth with class as she seamlessly flows over the instrumentation like she was born for this – delivering purposefully and energetically from her inexhaustible tank of energy!

This qualifies as the track of the year and the 18th of March couldn’t seem so far away yet so near!

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