A sensational lyricist and incredibly gifted vocalist in the truest sense, San Diego-based songstress Deja Renee is a maverick, blazing her own undeniable trail when it comes to authentic music that takes cues from a wide palette of influences. With a lifelong passion for music that was nurtured ever since she was a young girl, her journey in music has been one of constant discovery and evolution. Pop and R&B dance and fuse under her magical spell, creating a heartwarming auditory experience that is amplified by the emotional resonance of her deeply relatable songwriting, inspired by her own experiences. She writes about her everyday experiences: success and the future; love lost and gained; memories of the past; and hope for the future…but most of all, the truth.

This self-reflective project sees her delve into her life and love, reflecting on the past with the hope of the future.

Needless to say, her latest release, “Starting Over” is the lead and title track of the album and serves as a precursor of the sonic revelation that awaits. This tune is a hauntingly beautiful and infectious body of work that lingers in the heart long after the final notes fade away.

The charming guitar intro sets a mellow tone for Renee’s angelic vocals, reeling listeners in with her crystal-clear, soulful, and powerful voice, demonstrating pure range and power. As the song progresses, more depth is added, morphing into a beautiful pop landscape, backed by her R&B inflections.

To showcase her versatility, she really sounds comfortable and at home in this eclectic foundation. Her heartfelt lyrics about the need to start over and finding your place in a chaotic and tumultuous world that is more often than not unkind resonate deeply and emotionally.

Streaming on all popular platforms, “Starting Over” is a must-have gem and exudes a radio-friendly tone and theme.

Mark your calendar for February 16th, when the entire project will be released, and as you eagerly await, follow her on Instagram at @Itsdejarenee for real-time updates.