A sonic journey that started way back in 2014, bringing together three musicians with an insatiable passion and appreciation for the art and craft of music, Dedlights has grown into more of a revelation, an odyssey marked by constant evolution, growth, and discovery. While the journey has been far from easy, the band has remained steadfast in their commitment to musical excellence. Undeterred by the inevitable trials, their unwavering dedication shines through as they diligently craft music with timeless value. Imagine standing at the edge of reality where dreams blend with memories and emotions become tangible. That’s what listening to Dedlights feels like. They bring the dynamic energy and versatility of classic hard rock, peppered with thought-provoking lyricism and ear-gracing instrumentation. In live performances, they showcase a magnetic stage presence, drawing audiences in with their immersive shows and leaving them wanting more.

The moment now belongs to Dedlights and their new song, “Infirmary,” which is accompanied by an eye-catching, visually striking lyric video that underscores its engaging vibe.

In case you are wondering what “Infirmary” is all about or who is being taken to the hospital, it’s a certified bully who is about to meet their match and wishes they never opened their mouth again. Additionally, this song serves as an ode to all the bullies out there, calling out their disgusting behaviors with a resounding warning.

As you’d expect from such a rock tune with a heavy subject matter, the raw emotions are palpable. The track shines with rhythmic and cinematic instrumentation, featuring cruising guitar, precise drums, and impressive bass licks that spread delightful melodies all around.

This ear-catching instrumentation provides the ideal backdrop for the lead vocalist’s immensely expressive performance, leaning towards low-end, near-death growls, especially during the unforgettable chorus with its catchy and infectious hooks that will stay with you.

The official lyric video, with its visually striking quality, allows listeners to engage with the lyrics, joining in and singing along where the words strike a chord.

If you appreciate a great, thought-provoking, and memorable rock anthem with nostalgic appeal, “Infirmary” is exactly what you’ve been waiting for!

As you add the jam to your own playlist, learn more about Dedlights by checking out their official website, https://dedlights.com.