Based out of Vallejo, CA, Daylite has got a killer work ethic; when she is not in the studio running down beats with her kick-ass heavy bars, she is at her family’s black-owned martial arts school, ‘Soaring Eagles Tae Kwon Do’ teaching Tae Kwon Do, or providing self-defense classes at Vallejo Public School, or maybe even teaching youth Hip hop education through the non-profit, ‘Hip Hop for Change’ org. Simply put, she is a philanthropist both at heart and in art who is doing it not only for herself but for her community and all the women out there as she proves that if you believe it, you can definitely achieve it!

A hip-hop lioness, she’s always in beast mode when she gets hold of the mic- there is a certain fiery spark that is ignited in her that really ingratiates itself on anyone even if you are no fan of the hip-hop genre. Her new single, “Cheat Code,” which has an eye-catching complementary music video, is out on all platforms and highlights her growth both as an artist and as a person!

This track is all about the 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. Daylite is smooth with the flow and comes off as an excellent storyteller. Her rapping technique is powerful; she is lyrical and poetic with impeccable wordplay and a commanding stage presence, and it also helps that she has a very touching voice.

The music video is as powerful as the track itself and really underscores the message of this track, both in symbolism and storyline. I admire how good she actually has gotten at depicting her art and message as she does here. I like the angels’ scene towards the end and how finally she is freed from her chains, signifying the harnessing of spiritual power to overcome the darkness!

This is what hip-hop music is all about; impactful and meaningful as well as entertaining, and she nails every bit of it with her complete performance. The game may be fixed, but we definitely got the “Cheat Code!”

It can only get bigger from here, and I hope that Daylite is aiming for the stars because she’s definitely going far!

To enjoy the music video for this powerful hip-hop anthem, follow the attached link, subscribe to Daylite’s YouTube channel, like the video, and share your thoughts in the comment section!

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