As an authentic female emcee, Daylite comes through with a style that is ripe for radio while still maintaining a gritty and street sound in a way that honors where she comes from while still bringing that universal appeal. Her unique style places her on track to become the next breakthrough female hip-hop artist to come out of the West Coast. Hard work and determination are integral to her character. When she is not in the studio cooking up some hits, you can find her in the kitchen cooking up some delicacies for her catering company, “Blessed and Highly Favored,” or just doing some community volunteer work. Her commitment to giving back to her community reflects her generous spirit.

Prepare to be moved by the soul-stirring performance as Daylite unveils her latest offering, dubbed “Bother Nobody,”  a feel-good hip-hop-inspired gem that will have you dancing with carefree abandon and singing along to the catchy hooks.

As someone who’s got that knack for instant attention-grabbing, she does that here immediately with her razor-sharp, poetic-flavored, and wordplay-heavy rhymes, setting the tone before rounding out the first verse with that unforgettable chorus.

The beat is equally heavy, with a deep-phased bass combined with the 808, striking drum work, colorful synths, and some inescapable percussion to fashion a high-end sound that deserves to be enjoyed with the volume at its maximum.

Daylite has that expressive and catchy voice that is ideal for the genre, and her ability to vividly paint pictures with her words remains undefeated.

As someone who has proven to deliver the perfect track for each occasion, it’s safe to say she had all those summer parties in mind when making this one…so put on your party best as you head to the next summer bash and sing along loudly, “we ain’t tryin’ bother nobody, we just wanna smoke on loud at the party…”

Daylite has continuously won over a wide audience of hip hop and rap music enthusiasts, with tracks like “Cheat Code” and “Drunken Master” receiving deserved acclaim from far and wide.

Wondering how she delivers each powerful line with such artful ferocity? Remember, she’s also a Tae Kwon Do teacher!

To listen to “Bother Nobody,” follow the attached link and start the party!

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