Darlintino is an artist poised to make a lasting impact on the music scene. He comes through with vulnerable, introspective, and honest lyrics, writing from a place of both tenderness and strength, most of the time fearlessly baring his soul in order to create a powerful fusion of vulnerability and artistic prowess. His unique music invites listeners to immerse themselves in his melodies and embrace the power of his art. This is all you need to know: he is not your ordinary artist; he makes music on another level simply because he is one. Let that sink in.

A night he won’t forget any time soon: November 11, 2022, proved to be one of those nights he’d rather erase from the annals of his memory. This was the night he was involved in a catastrophic car accident and barely survived. At the hospital, his jaw was wired shut just to show you the magnitude of the colossal damage the accident left in its wake.

It was 2 weeks later, on the night the casts were taken off, that he actually recorded the track, “The Wire / Survivor’s Guilt”- a raw masterpiece birthed from his own experiences battling tragedy and finally resting within the touchstone of triumph!

This is one of those performances that hits closer to home, especially if you have ever survived something that you never thought you could. Darlintino absolutely left everything on the mic, spitting some polished bars and rhymes, and vividly painting pictures and provoking thoughts from within a listener.

His performance exudes power and emotional depth, leaving a lasting impact and allowing a listener to find their personal relationships within the lyrics. The guest R&B star, Mannie, underlines the weight of the song with that memorable hook.

The official music video for this track is already out on YouTube and features some high-end visuals that perfectly complement the song.