Dano Orion is a rare kind of phenomenal talent, as unique as the man himself. His versatile music and sound are undeniably and utterly Orion, a mystical and mythological being with godly powers that transcend mystery. His talent effortlessly fits into a variety of well-established musical genres; his melodic repertoire is not relegated exclusively to the R&B and hip-hop spheres, as his crooning can also take on ballad form and mesh into a more electronic background…simply put, he is definitely an artist to watch

His latest single, “Black Wings,” oozes charisma, raw talent, and widespread critical acclaim from an artist who never shies away from confronting real societal issues, no matter how sensitive they may seem. In this raw masterpiece, he does exactly that, delivering a heartfelt performance that captivates audiences.

He embarks on a raw and visceral dive into storytelling over hypnotic R&B and trap production that is both melancholic and catchy as hell. His dreamy, introspective vocals intriguingly ebb and flow through the soundscape as he effortlessly blends storytelling with poetic finesse to stamp an indelible imprint in a listener’s heart and soul.

I love that sound invention around the beat, especially with that chorus where a dense thrill and heavy bass drop are added to underscore the weight of the lyrics. Other than that, this is a performance brimming with energy, passion, attitude, and a deeply meaningful theme at its core.

Dano lyrically confronts the darkness and all manner of ills that have permeated our world. He confronts themes of corruption, unending wars benefitting only a few, and pervasive control systems.

Beyond the artistic dexterity, “Black Wings” is a huge testament to the courage and sheer willpower of Dano to confront real sensitive issues by speaking up against what others are thinking but are afraid to sing about.

Already streaming on all the popular platforms, here is your chance to indulge in this raw masterpiece and experience the unique musical experience offered by Orion.

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