I have always felt that music production is a massively imperative and yet largely underappreciated role in music. With that said, I am also glad that more and more people are actually starting to give producers their flowers and follow their work keenly, as we’ve seen with international producers Metro Boomin, DJ Premier, and RZA, just to mention a few. Damian is an up-and-coming music producer with his own targets he is seeking to achieve and surpass…eyes set on the prize, he is phenomenally gifted and worth checking out.

And one thing about producers is that they are really musicians first; Damian is a composer, an orchestrator, an arranger, and a musician first before anything else. His latest work, titled “It’s just me…” adeptly points to that.

By breeding an idea in his head, having a rhythm to go with it, and getting into the studio, throwing in some improvisations here and there, adding new ideas, removing others, deftly arranging them to be in sync with one another, mixing and mastering amongst an array of other creative manipulations, a masterpiece like “It’s just me…” was birthed.

Deeply rooted in the hip hop/trap realm, a listener gets drawn in, and you can follow the storyline and the rhythmicity even without the words.

The way he blends his technical know-how, innate musicianship, and ear for sound design is why you and I are here to critically acclaim such an impressively produced hit that is hypnotic and energetic from start to finish.

As the rapper Future once said about producer Metro Boomin, “If Young Metro don’t trust you, he’s gon’ shoot you.” In the same vein, if Damian doesn’t trust you, it’s a serious matter!

“it’s just me…” feels perfectly positioned to catapult Damian into the hands of eagerly awaiting music fans, especially those who are in love with aesthetic trap.

You can now stream “it’s just me…” on SOUNDCLOUD as Damian gears towards making his music available on other digital platforms

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