D-Lain has ceaselessly been proving that there is more room in the hip-hop spheres for involved lyricism; he is a lyricist at heart and at art, and that is what separates him from just a typical rapper; he damn sure can rap, but there is something about his wordplay, masterful rhymes, and wise perspectives over any type of beat, and particularly the chilled, more stripped-back beats, that pins him way above your average type of rap. He is the self-appointed savior of rap music…you can actually view him as a hip-hop music vigilante. He has been living the dream; his commanding stage presence, flanked by his lyrical ingenuity, has seen him on a meteoric rise to the top of the South Coast rap scene.

The track “Zone Out” has been an undeniable success on the mainstream scene and a banger that displayed what D-Lain is capable of; it’s actually one of the greatest representations of D-Lain’s lyrical ability and one of the most smooth, punchline-heavy tunes, consisting of a concoction of diverse flows infused with captivating vigor and lyrical conviction. It is one of his hardest and most direct songs to date. It was also the best decision to add that R&B dynamic by featuring the astonishing singer Symone, who fits the role like a new coat.

This sensational masterpiece is what inspired six other tracks, and that is how the “Zoned Out” EP sprang to life. Throughout this collection, as you’d expect anyway, D-Lain is not shy about impressing his listener with his never-heard-of wordplay, hard punchlines, and out-of-this-world production.

“Zoned Out” is street-smart music packaged attractively and delivered passionately in a way that will stick in your head for days. This is no child’s play- D-Lain goes for the kill, and like a professional sniper, he never misses out on his target!

“Dividend Drops” is actually D-Lain being D-Lain fluid and sleek with his mesmerizing wordplay and witty charms. No side shows or chasing clout—simply a lyrically inspired artist honoring his lyrical gifts in the best way he can. The result was something engaging, colorful, and outside the box—he truly knows how to move like a boss!

It’s really hard to pin point what makes the track “Energize” sound old and new at the same time, but when it really comes to D-Lain, it shouldn’t be that surprising…nothing is off the table for him, and that is what makes his music feel so genuinely brand new and warmly familiar at the same time. Featuring fellow rap artist T-Weezy M.G.M, the duo goes on to deliver a performance befitting of the track’s title!

“Bartender” cannot escape anyone’s attention; this is a colorful and coherent blend of vibe and chill and the ultimate chill and cruise beat for the summer. An outstandingly ‘feel-good’ type of anthem, this special track undoubtedly boosts the vibe in any type of setting. At its heart is that unforgettable chorus in between the ear-grabbing lyrical masterclass with D-Lain jetskiing over the vintage beats in a way only he can—it helps to augment that unspoken feeling within the listener—that he was born for this!

With such a complete 10/10 performance like this, it’s hard to argue that this really is D-Lain’s favorite stamping ground. This is the kind of music that wins awards and tops charts as well as radio playlists.

Tell you what, you actually deserve this hearty dose of D-Lain’s lyricism in your life, and I, as your appointed physician, am recommending this medicine to you in its entirety!

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