When it comes to rock music, so many upcoming bands out there have lost the essence of the sound and failed to capture the quality of the sound, but not one Cultt of She; a swiftly evolving eclectic rock band who are seriously dedicated to restoring the lost glory of the style. Their sound honors the very foundation it was built on; it is very defiant, raw, organic, and hard-hitting, like it was meant to be. A sound that effortlessly gets you sucked in the music as you get transported to different realms, just as the band intends, and by the end of your listening experience, you will somewhat take some time to shake off that feeling and get back to reality. And that is how rock music is supposed to be. Blending thunderous grooves, rollicking riffs, rip-roaring drums, insane bass licks, and exceedingly expressive vocals led by the vocal powerhouse Jess Bariletti, Cultt of She is what your favorite rock band thinks they are!

Breaking through the silence with their earsplitting new single, “SUM OF ONE”, Cultt of She reminds a listener what powerful rock music tastes like. This right here is a performance that is arena-worthy and one that leaves a lasting impact on anyone lucky enough to experience it!

There is so much going on, but with first-class coordination and execution to allow this full song to be born. Right from the get-go, the lead vocalist grabs your attention with her affirmative words, “We can be anything. We can be anyone. We can take anything. We can take anyone.” setting the scene for this memorable and uncontainable masterpiece.

Through the drummer’s furious rage, the guitarist’s brutal determination, the bassist’s bloodthirsty willpower, and the lead vocalist’s impassioned vocals, we get to witness the naked passion of Cultt of She.

As the track progresses, we are taken through a myriad of emotions, and at some point, the band allows the rhythm and melody to tone down, as if building tension, before unleashing a rhythmic explosion of electric guitars, uptight bass, pounding drums, and haunting vocals.

The accompanying music video perfectly encapsulates the feeling and thrill of the track and is reminiscent of rock music videos of yesteryear, strikingly simple with high-end visuals and perfectly fitting to the track’s essence.

This is what it is all about; this is what Cultt of She is all about!

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