Painting vividly the intricate canvas of the world as it is through an enthralling fusion of powerful guitar riffs, exciting bass licks, emphatic drums, and emotive vocals, Cultt of She emerges as a force to be reckoned with within the realms of hard rock and its alternatives. Made up of seasoned musicians and performers, this band leaves nothing to chance, tapping into rock’s wastelands and discovering life and growth in the most unusual ways. Their fervent passion, raw energy, and willingness to delve into musical territories outside their comfort zone continue to endear them to a generation of eclectic music lovers who wish to be touched in the most epic ways. Cultt of She is not just making music; they are creating a movement, and you are invited to be a part of it.

Cultt of She is back with another bona fide standout dubbed “Always Winter” where the spirit of their catchy, energetic, and infectiously anthemic hard rock shines through.

The adrenaline-fueled energy emerges from the virtuosic instrumental showcase on display. Through the guitarist’s menacing energy, the bassist’s unrivaled passion, the drummer’s spiraling rage, and the vocalist’s inflammatory vocals, you get to witness firsthand why it is in Cultt of She’s individual uniqueness that their collective power and star quality are found.

The lyrics here are raw, honest, and poignant, contrasting brilliantly with the emphatic feel of the sound. The lyrics explore that pain, coupled with regret, as a result of not being entirely honest or forthright with a person you obviously like or admire. Lines like “I’m lost without you, I hate how that sounds” capture a state of loneliness and regret, while others like “Sun won’t you shine down on me one last time” express a strong desire to get a second chance and do things right.

Firing on all fronts, Cultt of She has delivered a memorable performance with replay value. This is the kind of track that continues haunting you all day long…you can feel the vocals and melodies playing over your head everywhere; in the toilet, shower room, in the car, gym…you name it. That’s what makes it golden!

To enjoy this thrilling performance and add the song to your playlist, check the attached link and as you do, highly consider recommending it to your friends. They too need something as catchy, infectious, energetic, and memorable as this. Wouldn’t you agree?