Motivated by a lifetime love for music, Italy-based religion teacher Cristiano Coppa’s journey feels like a natural progression, given his multifaceted roles as a musician, singer, and composer. From a young age, he immersed himself in the world of music, exploring different genres and finding solace in his craft. For him, music became more than just a hobby; it transformed into a lifeline and a means of self-expression. He consistently seeks a deep connection with his audience, delivering powerful messages through his Christian metal rock music. He staunchly believes in music’s ability to transcend barriers, boundaries, and borders.

Cristiano Coppa’s latest single, “Chains Of Sadness,” emanates from the deepest part of his selfless heart. This song was inspired by the atrocities happening around the world in the form of wars and the need for global peace and unity.

The emotions here are simply uncontainable; you can feel the adrenaline surge through your veins as the track progresses, sucking you into its inexorable mood as you become one with it. You are bound to be touched by the song’s positive message and rhythmic flow as you connect with it on a profound level.

With every note and lyric, “Chains Of Sadness” echoes the naked truth and reality: that there is no winning in wars, just losing. We have all seen the trail of destruction, devastation, and death wars leave in their wake, and we cannot continue like this because this is not the world we’d wish our future generations to inherit…a world torn apart and in indescribable ruins!

The choir harmonies at the end take this track to a climax and leave you with something to reflect on.

The outstanding lyric video, boasting incredible background visuals that align with the track’s essence and narrative, was masterfully crafted by Israeli Eli Lev. It complements the song in both storyline and symbolism.

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