Artists who dare to push conventional limits and deliver something completely new and unheard of are very remarkable. CrisisKhan, on the other hand, tends to believe in being innovative with his style and continually innovating new elements by combining elements from different genres. One of the greatest aspects of his songs is the degree of genius that the artist beautifully infuses in his compositions to deliver something new every time. The American rapper, songwriter, and producer’s versatility and one-of-a-kindness in his outputs is truly exceptional and praiseworthy.

Coming from Brooklyn, CrisisKhan  In the new track “You,” Khan creates a new craze with his oozing lyrical style and mind-blowing alternative R&B melodies. For the track, he collaborates with fellow musician GlitCh to create a groovy mix of subtle hip hop basslines, danceable hooks, and rippling R&B magic. It’s a love song that’s neither too serious nor too lighthearted. The entrancing guitar riffs transport listeners into his perplexed realm of passion and fascination. He makes it an intimate piece that unties the knots of his tangled emotions with some insightful self-commentary throughout the entire song.

CrisisKhan crafts his tracks in such a way that they form a genuine connection with the audience, determined to share real and honest stories inspired by his own life experiences. His most recent single, “You,” is an excellent illustration of his storytelling abilities, engulfing the audience’s mind and leaving a lasting impact.

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