Celebrating the melodies of current musical definitions is the forthcoming Los Angeles band Crime Spree in Candyland. Mingling the notes of heavy pop and rock, they have developed an ambient range of musical knowledge with the use of alternative sounds. They have recently come out with a single “T.H.T.D.”, a lyrical and instrumental fusion of some of the finest contemporary artistic elements that have invaded my creative space like no other. The song carves the road to the sound of the future and engraves a vital stanza in the narrative of the evolution of music through the ages. With the innovative and thematic insight that is mirrored in their songs, the band is emerging as one of the best out of the city.

Maintaining a delicate balance between the rhythmic delicacy and the power of the rock genre, the track “T.H.T.D.” is amplified by the daring style of the artists and the spellbinding instrumentation. The synth are audible and the bars are more than the musical senses should taste; a true paradise for hardcore rock enthusiasts like me.