Evoking raw emotions and moods from a rich tapestry of gothic rock, hard rock, and metal, industrial, and hip-hop is the spectrum band Creepy Little Things, fronted by renowned guitarist Scotty Damned. All things considered, it has been scientifically proven that it is humanly impossible to listen to this brilliant, rip-roaring blend and still remain the same; this is similar to trying to go against the force of gravity; you are bound to lose. What you do once you get inside this musical experience is let loose and let it transport you to another space that feels dystopian and equally comfortable!

“Dance in the Rain” is the track you want blasting over your musical device; this detail-oriented and fully realized masterpiece sees Creepy Little Things operate between subtly calming melodic moments and vivacious, high-spirited, and howling moments that really highlight the band’s virtuosity and showmanship.

A powerful rock anthem with a roaring presence, “Dance in the Rain,” is exactly meant to be danced to in the rain (don’t ask me how I know, you’ll just feel it!) Through the guitarist’s spirited venom and the drummer’s brutal determination, a listener gets to witness Creepy Little Things’ passion firsthand!

This track has a nice combination of clean guitar notes countered by the fast-paced distorted riffs. The singer’s screaming style pertains to the genre appeal of glam metal rock, and I love how this particular track has also been induced with a form of pizzazz and flair that really adds that splendorous touch of catchiness to the track.

There is also that vibrant alternative rock feel to the tune that comes off at some point in the performance. It is also quite refreshing to hear each member of the band represent their piece masterfully, especially with that raw ferocity of the guitar riffs that cannot be denied even by the inexperienced ear!

What I am trying to say is that “Dance in the Rain” should already be a constant presence in your playlist, and if it is not, here is how we rectify this seemingly grievous error; follow the attached link and atone!

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