A 20-track collection, Creature Benny’s “Tales Moste Watched, Vol. 2,” which is the sixth and final collection in his second series of releases, on all DSPs, is such a hauntingly beautiful exploration of emotion in sound. This collection is a stunning example of the artist’s ability to weave a complex tapestry of musical styles and genres into a haunting and unforgettable melody. It represents his willingness to push boundaries and explore new sounds, resulting in an innovative and accessible piece of music.

The experimental rock, punk, metal, hard rock, and blues layers create a euphoric and cinematic listening experience. This collection is a must-listen for any music fan who likes their rock music infused with twists and turns.

Comprising tracks from his previous five EPs, the instrumental intro, two instrumental interludes, and four bonus tracks, including two cover songs, ‘Tales Moste Wretched, Vol. 2’ is a spectacular accomplishment that highlights the artist’s innate talents and solidifies his position as an avant-garde scene artist to watch. Listeners will be enthralled and clamoring for more after listening to this eerie and fascinating music.

The piano-flavored “MOSTE WRETCHED INTRO II”, sets the scene for the album and ushers the listener into what is essentially a cathartic listening experience.

Chock full of marvelously dirty-sounding synths, plenty of melodic sass, and an undeniably cheeky sense of character, “DOUBLE-EDGED ED” is an unapologetically straight-to-the-point alternative rocker that revels in its undeniable sense of musical identity and brilliantly brash demeanor. Creature Benny has served up a sonically intriguing tune that seamlessly blends flamboyant performances with a ton of personality, resulting in a track that has a definite sense of swagger that listeners will find both refreshing and quite simply fun.

“HAD 2 BAIL” is haunting and really catchy; there is something about that performance that will remain stuck in your head, backed by that hedonistic energy it possesses. The riffs are a standout feature, offering the perfect backdrop for the vocalist’s authoritative performance as he walks over the beat smoothly like a criminal!

“WHY OH WHY” is a fantastic bit of adrenaline-fueled blues rock with plenty of swagger and attitude. The song features muscular riffs, powerful drumming, and melodic bass lines that provide a bed of support for Benny’s authentic vocals. There is a contagious energy at its core, with that blend of instrumentation and vocals openly ingratiating itself with the listener.

“CITY OF BONES” is a bonus track that he actually wrote and performed with his band Exotic Pets during college in New Orleans. He is happy that it is finally out after the instrumental lay idle in his Dropbox for eight years. This is quite simply one of those songs that translate well to the stage, and is guaranteed to bring down the house. Fans of pure, uncut rock music will undoubtedly find a lot to love about this tune thanks to its unwavering sound that proves the genre is as spirited and indispensable as ever!

This tune has such great production, a solid mix, and an excellent opening riff that really sets the tone for the entire track and serves as the backbone for Benny’s outstanding vocals. There are incredible guitar tones across the board. Drums hit hard and cut through nicely, and the vocals sound amazing with an impeccable rock ‘snarl’ to the delivery. The lyrics are terrific, with excellent flow and imagery. All in all, “CITY OF BONES” is a fantastic rock song and a well-done track, true to the spirit of the genre.

What a listener is guaranteed throughout is that “Tales Moste Watched” is an otherworldly listening experience that will appropriately scratch your rock musical itch and have you coming back for more of the same!

To quench your musical thirst with this special collection, how about you follow the attached link and enjoy this timeless and catchy music!

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