Cousin Louie - Pop My Shit

LA-born rapper Cousin Louie is making a splash in the music scene with his exceptional talent and passion for hip-hop. Having already produced, recorded, written, and engineered two albums, Cousin Louie is now set to unveil his highly anticipated third independent album, ‘Memory Lane Demo Tapes’. The lead single, “Pop My Shit,” is already garnering significant acclaim.

“Pop My Shit” is a testament to Cousin Louie’s undeniable prowess as an artist, delivering fiery bars, contagious energy, and a swagger reminiscent of hip-hop’s legends. The lyrics, like “Mmmm they so mad ….yea that’s them haters looking at my neck yea… so many karats….diamonds dancing looking like a fuckin Ferris Wheel” exude Cousin Louie’s confidence and self-assurance. He describes the song as his moment to step into the spotlight and showcase his dedication and hard work, proclaiming, “I know I’ve got a hit with this song!”

Beyond being a catchy hip-hop tune, “Pop My Shit” boasts an infectious composition featuring captivating basslines, spirited drums, and other engaging elements that make it a staple for any party or gathering. Cousin Louie’s skills as a producer, writer, and engineer shine through every facet of the track, contributing to its warm reception.

The music video accompanying the song is equally striking, with Cousin Louie popping champagne amidst a whirlwind of confetti. The visuals flawlessly encapsulate the song’s vibe and highlight Cousin Louie’s charisma and style. With “Pop My Shit,” Cousin Louie firmly establishes himself as a formidable contender in the hip-hop world, leaving fans eager for the release of ‘Memory Lane Demo Tapes’.

As the lead single from ‘Memory Lane Demo Tapes’, “Pop My Shit” provides an exhilarating glimpse of the upcoming 16-track album. This high-energy anthem is a must-listen for anyone seeking a track that will get them pumped up. From the hypnotic basslines to Cousin Louie’s assertive delivery, it’s destined to become a fan favorite and the ultimate party starter. If you’re on the hunt for a fresh hip-hop anthem to add to your playlist, look no further than “Pop My Shit”.

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