Cousin Louie is a lyrical prowess hailing from the Illinois side of the Mississippi in St. Louis. His innate ability to spin words into meaning is undeniable, and while the great artists inspire him before him, he also takes his cue from everyday life, pouncing on inspiration from the people and things that surround him to make timeless music. He tries to strike a balance between substance and music appeal and has been making a huge name for himself as a budding rapper in today’s saturated rap landscape. Once an NBA player enthusiast, Cousin Louie is proving that once you get the ball rolling for your passion, it won’t stop spinning!

Cousin Louie’s lyrical expression is a product of his experiences; whether he is spitting real-life inspiring bars or simply word-playing over explicit beats, he always brings his A-game. His 2022 album, “Catch Me If You Can,” has been deservedly acclaimed, and this 12-piece collection has got everything you’d need in a hip-hop record; the nostalgic vibes, thought-provoking lyricism, boisterous bangers, and inspiring ones too. This is an exemplary performance even by Cousin Louie’s indisputable standards!

I can still feel the haunting thrill of the melodies present in the track “Maison No. 9” playing over my head – this is a blood-stirring hip hop banger with the deep bass-colored beats blending intriguingly with the hypnotic percussion from the bouncing synth lines for a very mind-grabbing melody. Cousin Louie milly-rocks over the menacing production delivering an onslaught of bars throughout the track’s length!

“Rockin Wit tha Best” has an unmistakable underground feel to it that is embellished throughout the project. This track sees Cousin Louie moon-walking over the slightly more evocative production as he delivers some clever bars – ascending like a just launched spaceship. Here, he reaffirms his focus on his goals and the way he is not slowing down, headed all the way to the top with God beside him. This is top-rate lyricism over goosebumps-raising powerful beats – it is little surprise that this banger has amassed over 51k Spotify streams!

“Take It Off” is very nostalgic and the type to get your head bopping from the first minute as you “bounce wit it!” There is a way it feels luxurious – integrating many melodic ideas to keep a listener heavily invested throughout its length. Unleashing wistful bars over the sensationally blistering hip hop beats, Cousin Louie does not disappoint, showcasing why he is a sought-after second-generation emcee of our time.

“Backstroke” is a hedonistic and party-starter; featuring blood-rushing instrumentation that blends the deep-phased bass, resounding synth lines, captivating drums, and the atmospheric 808’s, this track has also been allowed a cinematic touch. A lyrical demonstration, Cousin Louie comes through with hard-hitting facts in his raw, honest and emotional vocals, underscoring the fact that he is a male lyrist extraordinaire. The beat switches allow an R&B-like sound design infiltration, and also, that laid-back beat switch towards the end is simply breathtaking and displays such ingenious attention to detail on Cousin Louie’s part.

There is absolutely something for everyone, and hip hop fanatics really have a palate of the feast from this lyrical buffet to enjoy. The fact that he produced, engineered, and performed every track on his own in this album is a huge testament to his distinguished capabilities as an artist and producer!

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