With an insatiable passion ignited by his love for both music and technology, music producer and DJ Corm!! who is also a surgeon, is a multifaceted superstar by any measure, possessing dynamic creativity that makes him one of the few electronic music artists meaningfully influencing the genre’s landscape with their ingenuity and artistic scale. His coexisting passions have enabled him to build one of the most impressive discographies, with a production catalog teeming with a variety of vibrant EDM, electronic pop, Future house, deep house, and tropical house among many other electronic-fueled tracks.

The current headlines belong to Corm!! and his new jam “Get Bossy”—an energetic, self-empowering banger that shrewdly blends future house, dub, and electro-pop.

The mellifluent intro features the alluring male vocals over the floating percussion, efficiently and invitingly building up to the 33 seconds where the deep driving beat kicks in, exuding such an adrenaline-rushing and goosebumps-raising thrill that you want to be part of.

“Get Bossy” is undeniably energetic and uplifting, and there is still a very immersive and ethereal side to the arrangement. The track is characterized by its fast tempo, driving bass line, and 808s.

Corm!! offers soaring melodies and ethereal pads that add so much texture, color, edginess, and atmosphere to beautifully contrast the speed and intensity of the groove. The pulsing bassline that rattles the floor and shakes the speakers, as well as the intricate electronic percussion, create a very strong yet surprisingly mesmerizing groove.

This track is an ode to a life full of freedom and joy, reminding you to live by your own rules, to be free, happy, and unapologetic. Even though it may echo the often-repeated phrase, ‘you only live once,’ it reinforces the necessity to make the most of our singular lives.

“Get Bossy” has heavily rotated everywhere, with so many listeners adding the song to their playlists for a daily dose of this sonic masterclass, and so the unanswered question lingers, why shouldn’t you?

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