Cleveland Ohio’s sweetheart, Conya Doss, has been creating the soundtracks to our lives for over two decades now; building her own empire from the ground up and establishing herself as a revered independent musician who brings a richly eclectic style driven by the core R&B and soul soundscape with jazz and funk influences. Untouched by production, her voice is as real, raw, and polished as it gets, and her organic storytelling approach is matched only by her ambition. She’s still got it two decades later, and like fine wine, she has been getting better with age!

I choose to look at her new single, “4everlasting” different, not only as a song but as a huge testament to her tremendous strength, limitless creativity, and unwavering dedication to her craft. This is a promise of even more beautiful songs to come from her; it’s a beacon of her unwavering artistic vision and a love letter to her ardent fans and new listeners alike. This is undoubtedly a song to play on repeat as Conya’s exquisite voice echos into the ages!

“4everlasting” is such a lively, upbeat, and catchy mellow track with an infectious beat that spans old school and contemporary, thanks to that excellent production at its core. This is the kind of tune that hits you right in the heart and still leaves room for some modern-day twists to leave you thoroughly gratified.

On the mic, Conya brings her authentic, effortlessly powerful, and incredibly rich organic voice to the stage, and she packs a powerful punch with her articulate range, relatable songwriting, and skillful execution. The beat, lyrics, lead, and backing vocal harmonies wrap around a listener like a warm embrace and ignite deep feelings of that special kind of love.

An ode to that kind of forever and ever love that one hopefully wishes to build on after finding someone they incredibly feel is the one for them, “4everlasting” has been performed in a way that allows a listener to feel what it is like to be heads over heels for someone.

The sweet and catchy chorus is unforgettable and will remain stuck in your head long after the track is gone!

This is great music, exuding such great vibes, and you deserve it as part of your favorite playlist…you really do!